Todo List

  1. Learn the skills in ۞ Getting a list of accurate coordinates from a plot
  2. Learn Finite Element Method with Mathematica .Finite Element Method
  3. The layout/structure of this blog Linux概念架构的理解 should be my paradigm.

  4. New and Improved Scientific and Information Visualization

  5. Learn UserGuide.pdf (with study diary for blog post);
    • Consult §5.3 to understandd the meaning of the entries in the blockMeshDict file;
    • (someday/maybe) Solve some exercises by Mathematica alternatively.
  6. Have a try with Pandoc-moderncv
  7. Is it possible to combine pandoc with css to stylish the html page?1

Structure of Website

  1. tags are used to describe the object of study;
  2. categories are reserved for desciplines covering my research journal(4 categories in total):
    • 微型仿生机器人(Micro Bio-inspired Robot)
    • 科学计算(Scientific Computation)
    • 科技前沿(Frontier of Science and Tech)
    • 洗心录(Bleach and Beautify)


λ Haskell Programming: from First Principles
۞ Mathematica.Stackexchange
Latex Tutorial
remote sensing blog Remote sensing academic
haskell blog Michi’s Blog
demo haskell programs Haskell for all

  1. Flow text around an image in (GitHub) Markdown

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